Glastonbury Zodiac

The Glastonbury Zodiac, part of the sacred landscape in the West Country, is a ring of figures shaped by hills and valleys, outlined by rivers, boundaries and roads. Suggestively dated to 2000 BC, the figures were rediscovered in 1925 by the sculptor Katherine Maltwood,, while working on illustrations for 'The High History of the Holy Grail'.

Here we have a circle of figures, 11 miles across, shaped by nature and the help of man mirroring the sky above; the stars and the movements of the Sun, Moon and planets through the signs of the Zodiac are all drawn in to the landscape.

Here and in the surrounding areas we find a multitude of ancient sacred sites resonating with the Goddess of the Land, Bridie, Morgan, Ana, and Ceridwen. Healing springs and wells, underground caves, earthworks, and beacon hilltops all form a network of experiences for those who go on a quest. Here people have trod on pilgrimage since the dawn of history; Sumarians, Jesus, Joseph of Arimathea, early Arabians; they all are said to have come.

Here was the place chosen for the first Christian church on English soil. The names of St. Dunstan and St. Bridgit are closely linked with this area.

Here we find the legends of King Arthur and his knights made flesh, The Round Table inscribed in the landscape itself. The ladies of the legends being reflections of ancient Celtic Goddesses.
A treasury of wisdom is available for those choosing to go on a quest for the message hidden in the hills and vales; to find the Grail - eventually to find ones self.

The idea, that part of the stellar constellations, zodiac and the paths of Sun, Moon and planets are reflected in natural landscape features, enhanced by the building of earthworks and temples, is a concept widely explored in the later years in some studies of the pyramids of Gizah, Mayan ruins, Ankor Wat etc.. However this was well-known to the ‘ancient ones’ and several ‘indigenous’ people of today. I offer to guide you through the various sights of this landscape temple and to help you become aware of the forces and energies present and the potential for self-discovery through the use of your own personal horoscope, should you so wish.

I can bring you on a short tour choosing just a few of the sights and signs, maybe focusing on places in your own horoscope or places of specific interest to you. Or we can spend a day doing the whole round.

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Katherine Maltwood

Aries - Lambing Time

Taurus - Apple blossom

Gemini - The Twin Hills

Cancer, water gate at Somerton Door

Leo, Obelisk on crown chakra

Virgo, Mary Magdalene Church
in Keinton Mandeville

Libra, West Lydford Church

Scorpio, Hornblotton Church

Sagittarius, wildwoods with small waterfall

Capricorn, Ponters Ball earthwork

Aquarius, Tor in snow february

Pisces, BM Ridgefield the Willows

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