White Spring

From under the Tor springs the White Spring, which used to form a beauty spot of cascading waters over limestone deposits. Unfortunately somebody got the brilliant idea of building a water reservoir right on it, piping the water for the towns reserves, only to find out a few years after, that the lime-scale totally blocked up the pipes, and it was abandoned. It was used as a folly for many years and had a chequered history of cafés and shops, but is now in the hands of more considerate people, who have turned the different rooms into shrines to different aspects of the goddess or the Mary.

To meet the waters inside is the strongest and most beautiful experience, but if unavailable, the waters can always be collected from a small pipe outside in the corner of the building. Before the existence of the reservoir, the two waters, the Red and the White, would have met out there in Wellhouse Lane and flowed down through town together. The White is considered the male aspect of the two waters, flowing from the masculine hill of the Tor, but due to its high contents of Calcium it is advised for women to drink it in their wise woman years.

Access is irregular, but it is often to be found open around the cross-quarter days.

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White Spring
White Spring

The Spring

White Spring
White Spring

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