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My activities are separated into two different websites to allow for the different approaches and clients, though naturally they are interlinked, as are the different subjects:

Guidance through your inner landscape
whitestarastrology.co.uk Personal astrology and consultations as well as forecasts for the sunsigns.

Guided Tours of Sacred Landscapes in the Southwest of England
Zodiactours.co.uk Tour guide of megaliths, healing springs and much more, cosmology, ancient history and folklore.

Further to that I am the chair(wo)man of a committee dedicated to preserve, protect and enhance a piece of sacred land on the outskirts of Glastonbury, and if you have a look at our website, you might wish to offer your support to that project, to which means I have here provided the codes to establish links to that.

Friends of Bride’s Mound

Whitestar Astrology

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whitestar astrology by Loné Bang

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monthly forecast by Loné Bang

Zodiac Tours

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Zodiactours by Loné Bang

Bride's Mound

Bride’s Mound or Beckery Ridge is a natural hill on the southwestern edge of Glastonbury, ancient gateway to Avalon and crossing of the pilgrims over the river Brue. Sacred to Bridie the Goddess, visited by St. Bridgit of Kildare, teaming with wildlife and a peaceful healing atmosphere. Friends of Bride’s Mound was formed to protect, preserve and enhance this fragile landscape

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Friends of Brides Mound

Mail order readings
We are currently preparing to be able to record horoscope readings onto CD's and send them all over the world.
We will announce it here, when it is available, but you are welcome to get your order in early.
Some p&p will have to be added to the price.
SIGNS & SECRETS OF THE GLASTONBURY ZODIAC is an anthology created by a diverse group of multi-talented enthusiasts inspired by the classic, Anthony Roberts-edited compilation, Glastonbury: Ancient Avalon, New Jerusalem. As above so below. "Our land is the image of heaven".

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