Lake Village sites

Glastonbury / Godney Lake Village was discovered and excavated in the 1890’s by Arthur Bulleid.

Meare Lake Village was found a few years later Both can be seen only as some humps and bumps in a field, and they are dated to about 400 B.C.

Finds from these sights are on display in the Tribunal in Glastonbury High Street.

The levels were navigated in boats, but remarkably the marshland was also crossed on foot on the many tracks laid down between the reeds, dated between 3500 – 500 B.C., most famous of these being the Abbots Way and the Sweet Track. The excavated remains of these can be seen in the museum in Taunton.

The Peat Moors Centre between Westhay and Shapwick has reconstructed several roundhouses of the periods and the Sweet Track. They are situated on the edge of the restored peat land of the Avalon Marshes, Shapwick Heath, Ham Wall and Westhay Nature Reserve. It is open from April till October and offers several events and demonstrations throughout the year. Entrance fee.

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Lake Village, Peat Moore center
Lake Village, Peat Moore Centrelarge photo

Peat Moore center

Lake Village map
Lake Village map large photo

Peat Moore center

Lake Village, The huts
Lake Village, The huts large photo

Peat Moore center

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