Loné Bxxx is a professional astrologer with an interest in the whole connection between cosmology, astronomy and mythology.

Loné offers private individual guided tours of the Southwest of England from her base in Glastonbury, Somerset.

Loné has lived in Avalon for 17 years during which time she has explored and researched the Sacred Landscape Temples from her background in Native American Shamanism and her native Norse Seidr, learning about the ancient mythology of the British Isles and the Arthurian Legends and also connections with the Goddess Bridie and St. Bridget. Friendsofbridesmound.com

Loné is trained in astrology in Denmark and offers to construct and analyse your own personal horoscope and other astrological services. For a wider description of my astrological work and services visit the separate web-site: Whitestarastrology.co.uk

She also has given talks and workshops on the idea of landscape temples and astrology and how to use this understanding in our personal lives. She often is available for shorter readings at the Glastonbury Fayres Glastonburyfayres.co.uk

She has written articles and is working on a book.

Loné is also trained in healing and is working with the Runes of her ancestors.
Loné Bxxx
Loné Bxxx large photo

The West Kennet Long Barrow
The West Kennet Long Barrow large photo

Drawing by Richard Frazer

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