Glastonbury Tor

Glastonbury Tor is a 521 foot (158 meter) high conical hill, visible at a great distance across the Somerset Levels, a landmark for centuries and millennia, recognized today by the many due to the church tower still standing on the top, while the rest of St. Michael’s Church has crumbled to the ground. Likewise from the top you can see very far to the Mendip in the north, to Cadbury/Camelot in the south, and to Brent Knoll in the west, and on a really clear day all the way to south Wales. But on different days, you will find yourself in the middle of a misty cloud and think yourself to be alone in the world, or you might experience one of the few times where the levels are flooded again, and find the sun glinting in all the rhymes and the clouds mirrored in the pools of water, this is when you can feel for your self, how things would have been back then, when Avalon was an island, this is the real Isle of Glass.

Today seen as the male aspect, Chalice Hill with its blood-spring being the female, it is probable, that in its origin it would have been seen as female as well, the Goddess being celebrated on all hills of the land. It is suggested, there is a maze on its slopes, which can be walked on a dry’ish day with good firm boots. This may possibly have been a spiral path leading up to the top, used by Druids to form a procession snakelike to the top with torches shining in the dark nights. Dragons or serpent stories are told here. As are stories of the fairy king, Gwyn Ap Nudd.

In early Christian times, hermits were living in cells on the Tor.

The first church stems back to late 12th century and dedicated to St. Michael, which was often the case when building churches on ancient sacred sites. This church fell in 1275, when an earthquake rocked the Tor. A new church was build and the remaining tower is from the 14th century. Two relief’s on the tower, one showing St. Michael holding the scales, and one showing St. Bridget milking a cow.

Halfway down on the steep slopes under a hawthorn is hiding the Egg Stone, a stone special to this area. Further down is a small grove with magical trees.

There are many stories about tunnels and caves under the Tor, but they appear to have been blocked or collapsed.
The Michael Line runs over the Tor, and there is a strong vortex on the top. An other major ley-line, straight east-west, goes to Stonehenge in the east and the Prescelly mountains in Wales.

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Glastonbury Tor stairs
Glastonbury Tor stairs large photo

Going up

Glastonbury Tor midway
Glastonbury Tor midway large photo

and up

Glastonbury Tor on the top
Glastonbury Tor on the top large photo

and up

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