Glastonbury was a centre of pilgrimage long before tourism and New Age were invented. Many ancient tracks and pilgrim routes come this way. Legend has it, that Jesus himself came, as a young boy, with Joseph his uncle, who was a tin trader. The connections with Joseph of Arimathaea are more persistent, as he is said to have come here after the last supper with two cruets containing Jesu blood and sweat, followed by 12 disciples, and together they founded the first church on English soil, in deed on Western soil, when they build a small round wattle church in what is now the Abbey Grounds.

The present High Street is a newer road, the old one being Silver Street running along the Abbey Grounds, but now cut off by newer buildings.

The Tribunal houses the Lake Village museum with finds from the excavations by Arthur Bulleid around the turn of last century, as well as the Tourist Information point. Entrance fee.

The George and Pilgrim hotel is of very old origin, it was visited by the Abbots from across the road.
The Rural Life Museum is situated in the old Abbey Barn.

The perilous bridge has from medieval times led travelers across the river Brue from Street.

There are many interesting shops in Glastonbury, many crystals and special herbs, but also wands and special books can be found. Alternative Therapies are plentiful, you can find most things here, and readers of various kinds, tarot, aura and astrologers.

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St. John's Chuch
St. John's Chuch large photo

St. John's Chuch

Magdalene Street
Magdalene Street large photo

Magdalene Street

Glastonbury High Street
Glastonbury High Street large photo


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