About Zodiac Tours by Loné Bang

Zodaic Tours was founded in the Glastonbury Zodiac in the heart of the Somerset Levels on the principles off “as above - so below”, the whole concept of cosmos reflected in the landscape below, the shapes of hills and valleys forming in this case the figures of the Zodiac constellations, outlined by rivers and ancient track-ways.

The World over many people are now working with ancient sites from the idea, that they reflect certain star constellations as well as being aligned with rising and setting of Sun, Moon and other celestial bodies at important dates in their cycles, as Solstice etc. And so the research spread out to cover many other sacred sites, natural or man-made, as Loné has always had a deep affinity with nature and places of strong energy.

Loné now offers individual guided tours of sacred landscape in the Southwest area, anywhere that can reasonably be reached on a daytrip form the base in Glastonbury.

Numerous sites are available to us, powerful hilltops, sacred groves, healing wells and springs, stone circles, dolmens, long barrows, iron-age hill-forts, major ley-lines, early Celtic churches and shrines and much more.

We will drive and walk, make stops and have time to reflect and meditate, if so wished, and attempt to make ourselves aware of the forces and energies present in the landscape.

We will look at the known history and archaeology, but also at myth and legends, and we will look for alignments and earth energies.

For visiting Glastonbury Zodiac you may bring your personal horoscope, and we can work with that within the landscape.

Avebury complex stone circle
Avebury complex - large photo


Chalice Wells in Glastonbury
Chalice Wells in Glastonbury large photo

Chalice Wells

Uffington White Horse
Uffington White Horse large photo

Wayland Smithy Long Barrow

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Mail order readings
We are currently preparing to be able to record horoscope readings onto CD's and send them all over the world.
We will announce it here, when it is available, but you are welcome to get your order in early.
Some p&p will have to be added to the price.
SIGNS & SECRETS OF THE GLASTONBURY ZODIAC is an anthology created by a diverse group of multi-talented enthusiasts inspired by the classic, Anthony Roberts-edited compilation, Glastonbury: Ancient Avalon, New Jerusalem. As above so below. "Our land is the image of heaven".

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