Chalice Wells

Chalice Well was a place of healing and sacred ritual long before Joseph of Arimathaea came along, the natural properties of the waters would not have gone unnoticed by the early settlers, and it would have been a major goddess site. However when Joseph reputedly came, he is said to have hidden the cup with Jesu blood in the well, and since then it sprang red with his blood. The redness is actually iron deposits, which makes it very good for women to drink, but many other minerals can be measured in the waters.

This water always flows and always has the same temperature, because it comes from layers deep under the Mendip Hills. You can enjoy this water for yourself from the Lion Head fountain, or if the garden is closed, it always runs from a tap outside in Wellhouse Lane, right across from the White Spring. So you can mix the two, should you wish.

The healing energy is felt strongest at the Wellhead, where the waters first come out of the earth. However this was not always a well, but previously a spring flowing naturally down through the valley. But a landslide covered it up, and it was necessary to dig a well to reach the clear waters again.

Both the Mary and the Michael Line runs through this garden, and they cross in King Arthur’s Court, where also the water from the White Spring would have entered.

There is an interesting shop inside. Entrance fee.

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Chalice Wells Entrance
The Entrance

Chalice Wells Entrance large photo
Chalice Wells Holy Thorn
Chalice Wells Holy Thorn large photo

Holy thorn

Chalice Wells - One of the Wells
One of the Wells
Chalice Wells - One of the Wells large photo

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