Bride’s Mound

The Beckery Ridge stretches from the river Brue up to what was called the Castle Mound, now disappeared under a modern timber-yard.

The summit is popularly called Bride’s Mound, as it is believed, this place was originally dedicated to the ancient goddess Bridie, and priestesses tended to the pilgrims entering the Sacred Isle. Later a small chapel was built here, first a wooden chapel, then two fazes of a stone structure is known. This was originally dedicated to Mary Magdalene, but when St. Bridgit (or one of her sisters) visited, she stayed there, hence it became dedicated to her. There is a historical connection with Ireland, as it is known, that Irish monks visited the area and stayed, it was also called Little Ireland.

An ancient pilgrim track went along the back of the hill from a crossing of the river Brue.

Here is also the place of the finding of the Blue Bowl, connected to Wellesley Tudor Pole, now in the caretaking of Chalice Well.

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Bride's Mound
Bride's Mound

Ridgefield The Willows

Bride's Mound
Bride's Mound

Well Stone imbolc 2006

Bride's Mound
Bride's Mound

Blue Bowl imbolc 1999

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