A meeting with Julian Cope and a valuable new book for the library.

Along with many other Avalonians I recently went along to the launch by Julian Cope of his latest book: , which was arranged by Jamie George of Gothic Image.

Julian Cope is a great performer and I was highly entertained, but behind his show-act lies years of dedicated work visiting and revisiting the places, he describes in his books, and many places, that he omits due to lack of any worthwhile remains or quite impossible access. It is also evident, that he has spend much time researching the history and mythology behind the sacred sites and spoken to many people along the way.

Clearly it is a valuable book for our modern days pilgrims, an alternative to the commercial tourist guides. I myself was excited by the amount of work and understanding of the cultures, that he has put into the Scandinavian section, so I felt upset, that even at its launch offer-price I was unable to afford it. Always trying to see other ways forward, I thought: libraries! This ought to be in Avalon Library – because then I can read it there! So I went to Jamie George and asked him about it, but he could only point me to the publishers: Element of HarperCollins Publishers, whose representatives just happened to be the only two people in the room in business-suits, standing well apart from everyone else.

I swallowed my shyness and fired up by my enthusiasm I went up to them and just blurted out: would you consider donating a copy to The Avalon Library? I followed that by trying to explain to them, what Avalon Library is (here it would have been good with some kind of leaflet to give them), expecting them to say, they would think about it and get in contact, but instead they just mumbled a bit and then said: ’Yes okay’, and went straight down to Jamie to get one, which they handed straight over to me. I quickly said a lot of thank you’s and joined toe queue for the autographs.

Julian Cope gave everybody personal time and the fact that I was Danish prompted a good talk about Odin and archaeological viewpoints in Denmark. He then signed the book: ‘for Avalon Library, in there, Julian Cope’. I thought, that was a lovely gesture, and thank you is due to Julian Cope, to Element Books and to Jamie George.

I was so pleased to be able to hand this huge book over to Avalon Library. Maybe many more publishers and authors would give a positive response, if approached by us, where and when we meet them.

Julian Cope Book Megalithic
Julian Cope Book Megalithic large photo

Julian Cope
julian_Cope large photo

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